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Our first home, also called TerraGlen, in Glencullen

TerraGlen Residential Care Services was established in April 2011.

We began with one house in Glencullen, County Dublin.

Since then, we have founded five more houses – one in County Louth (in Dunleer), two in County Cavan (in Ballinagh and Mullahoran) and two in Westmeath (in Mount Temple and Moyvore). For further details of our houses, click here.

TerraGlen’s growth has been carefully managed. We have expanded our residential care service to areas where there is a need for residential care and where we can provide the right mix of resources to meet it – including accommodation, qualified and dedicated staff, and local amenities.


Our vision is that each young person, no matter their start in life, should have the care and support they need to grow in order to become a happy and self-reliant individual capable of achieving their potential.

Our mission, through our model of care and therapeutic approach, is to provide the best possible care to young people living in our houses –This approach provides young people with the opportunity to go on to achieve their ambitions and dreams.

Here we describe the values we bring to our work, what we believe our mission means in practice, and the attitudes and actions required of us daily to achieve it.

We believe that every young person:

  • has a right to be free from harm and abuse
  • deserves respect and nurturing
  • should be valued and cherished
  • has a right to be listened to
  • can flourish if given the care and support they need
  • should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and ambitions

TerraGlen strives to provide the best-quality care that:

  • protects young people from harm
  • promotes environmental and emotional safety in a caring environment
  • meets the individual needs of each young person
  • encourages learning and development
  • reflects the young person’s own views
  • respects each individual’s right to make decisions about their future
  • prepares young people for independent living

Every young person we care for is:

  • warmly welcomed into TerraGlen
  • assured a safe and homely environment
  • valued and cared for by qualified and trained staff
  • respected as an individual with the potential to achieve their ambitions
  • encouraged to avail of education and training
  • afforded the opportunity to build safe and positive relationships

TerraGlen will:

  • transition young people into long-term care settings
  • will provide aftercare services for young people
  • recognise hard and soft outcomes as measures of success for young people
  • have a low turnover of staff, providing consistency and satisfaction in residential placement
  • Expand services to be a preferred provider of care settings to Tusla

We believe the work we do couldn’t be more important. For young people who haven’t had the best start in life, we provide the opportunity to achieve their dreams and ambitions.



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